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Millennial Males are Turning to YouTube and Facebook for Football Views and News

Millennial Males are Turning to YouTube and Facebook for Football Views and NewsDid you know that football videos generated an incredible 23B online video views between May 2016 and May 2017? Or that Facebook live videos about soccer are twice as engaging than for non-live soccer videos? Download our report for more insights.

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How to Use Twitter Social Videos to Boost Business Visibility

An often overlooked video marketing option is using video on Twitter. Using videos on Twitter can provide a richer experience for followers than simply posting images or text. Videos allow your followers an opportunity to get to know, like, and trust you quicker and easier. The fact of the matter is: Twitter users embrace video...

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World’s Largest Unboxing by Volvo Trucks Shows B2B Video Still Amazing

World’s Largest Unboxing by Volvo Trucks Shows B2B Video Still AmazingVolvo Trucks new 'World's Largest Unboxing' video demonstrates that B2B videos can amaze viewers on YouTube as well as any viral or music video.

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The Many Faces of #E32017: Sponsored, Live, and Official Video

The Many Faces of #E32017: Sponsored, Live, and Official VideoAt E3 2017, the world's biggest gaming brands released 80 trailers around the most highly-anticipated game releases of the year. We take a look at how live, sponsored, and official E3 2017 content performed on YouTube.

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5 Top Social Media Platforms To Start Video-Marketing For Your Business

Undoubtedly, social media offers various benefits to your business. It helps you to make your business site more visible and relevant to search engines, and also helps you to learn about and reach out to the potential customers. All in all, it helps you to promote your business faster and faster than ever before possible. In this article, we will discuss all the major social media platforms that you can use for video marketing to grow and flourish your business. So folks, let’s start our journey.

  Video marketing on YouTube (Desktop and mobile)

Let’s get started with the obvious, the granddaddy of video online: YouTube. According to a recent research, about 300 hours of video content is uploaded on YouTube very minute, so it’s a huge platform.

First of all, you need to create a YouTube channel. It will serve as a library of your video content. It just takes a few minutes. After that, you need to create top quality videos representing your business and upload them. You’ll surely get great response from the potential clients.

Advantages of using YouTube

Hundreds of millions of video watched every day

Over a billion users

Maximum video length is up to 11 hours

Video marketing on Face book (Desktop and mobile)

In fact, Facebook users love to watch videos. Another great thing is that you can also create a content page about your business and upload your videos on your business page. In this way, you can elaborate your product and service in a comprehensive way as compared to the YouTube. The written content also assists your videos and you can also easily interact with your customers. You can also observe some people running their online business solely through the dedicated Facebook page.

Advantages of using Facebook

Facebook live videos

More than 4 billion video views on Face book every day

71% adults use the Face book

Maximum video length is up to 20 minutes

Face book videos get more audience in the news feed than links to videos on 3rd party sites like YouTube

Video marketing on Twitter (Desktop and mobile)

Video marketing on Twitter

You can access a huge and diverse customer base through Twitter. So, it must be a part of your video-marketing strategy. The great thing is that the users can embed the videos into their tweets, and it allows other users to follow your business account. You can upload short clips to convey your business message on Twitter.

Advantages of using Twitter

Integration with Periscope

23% adults use the Twitter

Maximum video length is up to 30 seconds

Instagram (Mobile)

This platform is dedicated to only sharing the photos and videos. Apparently, people think it is a good platform for fashion business but, with a little creativity, you can create videos to promote all types of businesses. You just have to create a business account on Instagram and start sharing the relevant videos.

Advantages of using Instagram

Up to 300 million monthly active users

28% adults use the Instagram

Following rate is 125% higher than the Twitter

Maximum video length is from 15 to 60 seconds

Snapchat (mobile)

Is another fast growing social media network, however, it is suitable for small businesses. You can upload short video clips and photos. It helps you to easily reach out the potential clients.

Advantages of using snapchat

More than 100 million daily active users

Young audience.

Hope this article assists you in navigating the best route toward promoting your video content out on the web !

Article by Nicole Delgado | Article Writer | The Video Animation Company | Animated Video Explainers  

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How Refinery29 Owns its Lifestyle Video Presence

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