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Explainer Animated Videos

Explainer Animated Videos

Four Good Reasons Why You Should Consider Explainer Animated Videos For YOUR Business

Technology has certainly taken marketing to a new level. First there were websites, then there were articles, then blogs, and now web videos. As the world of business marketing continues to evolve, staying on top of the latest trends is the most effective strategy for retaining customers and retrieving new ones.

Animated explainer videos are a new concept for attracting the attention of potential buyers, informing them of your brand, and becoming an authority in your niche. For those looking to promote products or services online, below are four main reasons why an explainer video would be worth the investment.

1.Explainer Videos Educate Your Viewers – There is simply something about sound and images that can really bring an entire concept together for viewers. Your video will set the tone for the product or service, create an emotional reaction, and if produced correctly it will create a desire to make a purchase.

2.Animated Videos Enhance Your Brand – Explainer video animations allow you to make an emotional connection with your audience. When a connection it built and the walls between consumer and business are broken down, brand loyalty develops. When a consumer feels as if they have built a connection with a business they will continue to invest in the products and services and tell others as well which is a proven method for increasing sales.

3. Improves Viewer Knowledge – Visual images increase a human beings understanding of a concept by up to 75%. Animated explainer videos allow viewers to really grasp the concept behind your product or service.

4. Great for SEO purposes – The more viewers you receive the better your page is to get liked and placed at a higher level on popular search engines.

An Animated explainer adds a sense of personality to what would be an ordinary video. It allows you to engage your audience’s inner youth and to spread the word about your brand. Such videos can be used as sales tools, marketing tools, training, website videos, email campaigns, and much more.

Investing in the best explainer animated video production company for your budget however is key to seeing all of these benefits come to fruition.

Consult with a reputable production company that has a reliable track record in producing high quality content that will engage your viewers and enhance business.

  Did You know ?

  ROI boost: 52% of US-based marketing professionals mention marketing videos as the online content with the best ROI

Bounce rate reduction: average visit time spent on a webpage with an embedded video increases from initial 8 seconds to 2 minutes

Conversion rates increase: landing page placed explainer videos can grow conversions (turn visitors into customers) up to 65%

E-mail click-through rate increase: emails sent with video content increase click-through rate by 100%.

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