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Cut Out Animation For Business

Cut Out Explainer Video Animations are a novel way of serving as marketing tools with the power to influence your audiences’ decision and actions to create much needed conversions.

Despite the level of details ingeniously incorporated in our videos, these are short storytelling narratives that bridge a connection between you and your target market.

From creative sixty seconds adverts to inspiring training material, the videos we create convey your business message in a positive light and all within a matter of moments.

From these videos, you can expect measurable and tangible results. You will be able to see a noticeable difference in the metrics of your ROI

Did you know? One of the world’s earliest and still surviving animated features is the Cutout Animation. From the word “cut-out”, it composes many forms and variations wherein the technique is applied for producing animations using materials basically cut from paper, magazine, cards, or scanned images.

However, due to the advent of technology, cutout animation became one of the easiest and fastest animation techniques nowadays. You don’t have to draw and color each character involved in the animation. Technology conveniently brings cutout animation into a whole new form and level of creativity. Cutout animation could be set up using 2-D characters with a film of camera taking single straight shots to create the illusion of movement.

The advantages and disadvantage of cut-out animation Cutout animation is specifically designed for solo animator to advocate or advertise a certain cause. A single drawing can be cut into pieces or can be deigned into a new form and could be used to represent a single movement of the character involved. It is effective in marketing or promoting a certain cause as it has its own charm to make the audience interest grow closer. It is cost efficient and could be effective in promoting a certain business.

However, the disadvantage of using it is that the movement of the 2D form can somehow make a smooth and fluid movement wherein the character seemed to move far away or move forward from the camera. It does not work on facial close-ups and has a limited camera angle.

Cutout animation brings creativity and imaginative idea in marketing your business. It emphasizes a technique in demonstrating a particular message through motion and color and the creative use of digital cutout animation. Indeed it helps tailor a particular cause to target certain groups of audiences.

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