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Screencast Video For Business

If you are in a business that aims to stay ahead of the competition through training your customers or staff, you need an screencast explainer video RIGHT NOW!

Marketing trends indicate a rise in the number of businesses that are investing in a more creative and narrative form of training tools to support their software, and video tops the list.That makes screencast video one of the essential tools for any business that wants to gain a value proposition. Our videos simplify complexity - and present your idea in the form of a compelling and engaging story that can make you customers go ‘Oh! I get it !’ .

Moreover, you need a short screencast explainer video to optimize the training and leaning process throughout your organization. We can help you create an effective database of training material and resources.

We offer a plethora of animation styles to suit your onscreen training purpose and requirements.

So What is Screencast Animation Video ?

Screencast video is same as screenshot picture. In a screenshot picture, a still image is recorded digitally while in a screencast video, a series of still images are digitally supported to create a video. This is done with the help of specific software written for this task. These software also add voice to these videos.

>Steps to creating screencast video:

1. Planning the screencast theme. In every creative activity, planning stage is the first step. The architectural design of the screencast video is prepared in this stage.

2. Data collection. The raw materials needed for the screencast video like pictures, music, voice, etc. are collected to be used in the further steps.

3. Crafting the screencast. Using the pictures and other materials, the screencast video is created as planned adding one part after another to make a complete video.

4. Editing. If voice or music is to be added to the video, it is done at this stage after creating the video.

5. Compiling. The complete raw video is compiled and ready for release.

6. Delivery. The screencast video is delivered using an appropriate medium in multiple formats. This media can be a video hosting, social media sharing or a video production service website etc.

The screencast video is usually made to allow viewers to go through an application or website functioning and details in a step by step manner. It is imperative to distribute these videos to as much viewers as possible. To achieve this, the search engine optimization is to be kept in mind when using keywords, tags and comments over the video. These factors will determine the spread of the video to the target audience.

In order to increase the popularity of screencasts videos, multilingual translator software can be used to target a larger audience. In order to fully produce a compelling screenshot video, allow the top ranking service providers to do it for you. Work with the video animation company and receive a remarkable video with experts’ touch.

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