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Video Content Split Testing

If you’re looking to kick start your next video marketing strategy, you’ve already started wondering,“what kind of video should we start thinking about producing for next?”. By planning your strategic content in advance is really important as you want each video asset to contribute toward your business goals in some way or another.

Some of the most common goals for video marketing are:

Driving more traffic

Building contact lists

Qualifying prospects

Converting leads

With the video animation company we create 2 versions of your video with alternate CTAs, we do this to help you understand which CTA is working for you and which isnt...we call this Split Marketing Tests.

Video production services produce videos which are ordered by their client in a way the client desires. They provide professional skills in terms of software, creativity, speakers, music and video. What these video production services cannot provide is if that video will be accepted and marketed correctly by viewers in its original form. To solve this aspect of video production, these services came out with the A+B splitting the video and testing it in the market


How is A+B split testing done? The procedure is as follows: 1. Video production.

The basic method remains the same in the production of videos. 2. Two versions.

They create two versions of the same video with slight differences in presentation with the theme intact. These are called as A and B versions.

3. Release. Both versions are released at the same time after approval of the client.

4. Analytics. Video analytics is used to gather information about both the videos in terms of popularity.

5. Post marketing feedback. The feedback is collected and improvements are done on the more accepted version. The final video is released after modifications.

Advantages of the A+B split testing:

1. It provides a preliminary feedback of the product before it is released for the final time. This provides scope for improvement of the final product.

2. A pre marketing assessment of the needs guides the production of these videos but a post marketing assessment not only guides but also aids in the creation of a complete and perfect video.

3. It guarantees success of the video and helps in attracting more clients. A+B split testing was devised by the video production services to build a service that is customer centric and they have certainly managed to attract the attention of the public tremendously. If you want a perfect output with the aid of A=B split testing,the video animation company is the right company to work with.

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