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Video Ads 2017: Data Will Improve Targeting and Simplify Buying

Today, people move easily from one device to another, expecting their favorite content to always be available. In the race between mobile apps and the mobile web, Ooyala says apps have the lead. Generation X consumers are even more engaged with social networks than are millennials. For those reasons, Ooyala predicts brands and social networks will sign more deals to create exclusive video content going forward...

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3 Questions To Ask Before Buying Online Video Creation Software

With so many different online video platform creation and editing software programs out there to choose from, it is important to make sure that you select the right one for your needs. With prices for professional video creation and editing software ranging from free of charge to thousands of dollars, it is crucial to learn which features are available, which features you need most to ensure best viewing of your videos, and which software programs are the most useful to your upcoming video production projects. So here are three important items to consider when deciding on the best video creation software for you!...

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