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A Small Business Guide to Facebook Video Marketing [Infographic]

Ideas for marketing videos are valuable, so instead of cramming them all into your first video, try concentrating on one aspect and saving the others for later. Time your voiceover before you even  pick up a camera—it may need some pruning to keep it at a palatable duration. And while we’re on the subject of voiceover, don’t forget that Facebook video viewers only turn the sound on 15% of the time...

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8 Reasons to Include Snapchat in Your Marketing Strategy

It’s not easy to predict the future of Snapchat, especially when Facebook and Instagram seem to be out-competing Snapchat on many fronts by ‘borrowing’ its best features. So far Snapchat has risen to the challenge, embracing its role as a trend-setter and pushing boundaries with more innovation. ...

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How to Use Video Marketing on Each Social Media Platform

Facebook focuses on idea sharing, Twitter is all about broadcasting your thoughts, Instagram prioritizes the visually interesting, and Pinterest provides storage for the content and products you love. Each social media site serves a different purpose, so we use it differently. It’s no surprise, then, that we watch—and expect—different types of video on each platform...

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Study: 64% Make a Purchase After Watching Marketing Videos on Facebook

Facebook and YouTube leads engagement. However, when it came to watching videos everyday, Facebook made a sweep of the entire report in the top spot. Instagram Stories took the second spot followed by Snapchat with YouTube in...

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Video Marketing Nuggets in Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends Report

Video Marketing Nuggets in Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends ReportMary Meeker's 2017 Internet Trends report has been released, and we look at the stats and insights around online video.

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What Beauty Brands Can Learn from L’Oréal’s Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns

What Beauty Brands Can Learn from L’Oréal’s Successful Influencer Marketing CampaignsL’Oréal is doing things right when it comes to influencer marketing - from smart segmentation to working with up-and-coming micro-influencers. Let’s take a look at the different aspects of L’Oréal’s strategy to find out what’s working for them.

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127 Video Marketing Facts Infographic

Wow, thanks to Website Builder for this insanely detailed – and fun – infographic on video marketing facts! Take the time and give this a good scroll through.. like, who knew that a 1% increase in active videos can bring in an extra $13,000 a month!? Great stuff:

127 Video Marketing Facts Infographic

The post 127 Video Marketing Facts Infographic appeared first on Reel Marketer.

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Why Is a Shoe-In for Branded Influencer Video Marketing

Why Is a Shoe-In for Branded Influencer Video MarketingThe social video sharing app has 130M users, and with 12M new videos uploaded per day, brands shouldn't ignore this opportunity to collaborate with influencers on the app.

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Modern Internet Marketing Strategies and Video, Digital Resource

Video marketing is integrated as part of an online marketing strategy for most savvy businesses. Today we feature Shay Berman, President of Digital Resource, a full-service Internet marketing agency. Providing social media marketing, SEO, advanced web analytics, email marketing, PPC, and content creation, Shay speaks to the value of these iniatiives, and how video fits into a winning marketing mix.

What unique benefits does Digital Resource offer to business clients?
SHAY BERMAN / DIGITAL RESOURCE: We don’t just focus on one aspect of digital marketing, but all of it. As a full service agency, we are able to combine creative ideas with vast experience in search technologies to deliver measurable results for our clients.

Digital Resource is also different because we don’t just pursue clients and then rarely ever speak to them again. Rather, we pursue relationships with our clients based on transparency, persistence, mutual trust, and integrity.


As a result of our methods and relationships, we’ve managed to maintain a 99% retention rate.

What are the big opportunities for businesses to start use video in their marketing?
DIGITAL RESOURCE: There are so many opportunities to start using and adding videos. You can connect with customers through behind the scenes videos, demonstrate why they should use your product or service with how to videos, and keep them coming back for more by teasing new products in fun product showcases.


How does online video with a comprehensive online marketing strategy?
DIGITAL RESOURCE: With so much going on constantly now on the internet and social media pages, its so easy for business blog posts, Facebook statuses, tweets, etc. to get lost within people’s feeds.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to get people’s attention and keep it.

Videos do both.

It’s important to remember that people remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, and an amazing 70% of what they see and hear!

If a business or sole proprietor is choosing to ignore marketing online and stick to traditional forms of marketing, what dangers are they facing?
DIGITAL RESOURCE: Where to even begin! When you ignore Internet marketing you ignore all of the people on the Internet. Everyone is constantly on his or her smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

It’s where they shop, browse, and communicate with businesses and brands. If your business can’t be found online, your customers can’t find you.

And you can’t be found online without marketing online.

What kinds of simple mistakes have you seen businesses make when embarking on a new digital marketing plan?
DIGITAL RESOURCE: There are a lot of different things that can go wrong when a new business is starting an online marketing plan.

Think Global, Sticky Note Plan

Here are the big 3 seen most often:

  • They ignore certain social media channels. It’s essential to not just pick the social media platform you like the most, you have to be on every channel your target presence is on.
  • They don’t have a set marketing goal. Don’t make things harder by going in blind. Have clear tactics and goals outlined before beginning any internet marketing efforts.
  • They quit too soon. As with any marketing plan, you can’t expect results overnight.

How can a beginner learn begin to learn more about the solutions to these problems?
DIGITAL RESOURCE: The best thing a beginner can do to learn more about how to solve those problems is to hire the right digital marketing agency. Unfortunately, as with any business there are some bad apples/scammers as well as agencies that do great work, but might not be the right fit for your business’s specific marketing needs.

Time vs Money vs Quality Equation

When looking for a digital marketing agency pay attention to the following 5 things:

  • Marketing. Why? A great indicator about their marketing style and abilities is how they market themselves! So if their claim to fame is Search Engine Optimization, do a Google search and see where they rank. If it’s social media marketing, do a quick search on their pages. How often are they posting for themselves, what does their content look like? Are they on all the social media outlets?
  • Portfolio. Through your investigation you will most likely see work that the candidate company would have done. It is sort of the resume for that company. There are situations, however, where for privacy reasons they cannot display certain clients, so if through your research you cannot find examples of their work, go ahead and ask them if they can show you any.
  • Online Reviews. Searching online, through Google+, Yelp, even Facebook, will show you their reviews; individuals or businesses that have had interactions with the candidate company that wrote candid opinions about their experiences. You will be able to see honest thoughts and get an idea of what kind of marketing company you could be working with.
  • Reporting. Not everyone remembers that this is an incredibly important part of hiring an Internet company! You want to see your ROI, right? When you are deciding which marketing company to hire you want to make sure that they are going to be generating a report that they can provide you with showing their accomplishments at least on a monthly basis.
  • Questions. When an agency asks questions it shows you that they are customizing their services to fit your business’ needs, which is necessary for a successful campaign. If the only thing they ask for is your billing info, raise a red flag and investigate further before hiring.

It is essential for beginners to hire the right digital marketing agency with a proven track record that understands your goals and needs.


You won’t only avoid all of the common problems above, but avoid other ones down the road.

How can video be used most effectively with social media and online advertising
DIGITAL RESOURCE: Video marketing can be used in so many ways!  80% of businesses even agree that short video is an integral part of their marketing strategy.

Some of the key points for maximum effectiveness are: keep them short and sweet, make them educational and/or entertaining, SEO them, create and add new videos frequently, and keep it relevant!


You can check out our blog post to learn even more video tips: Short Videos: 5 Effective Uses

Where can a reader go to try out/learn about your product/service?
DIGITAL RESOURCE: Our website goes in depth about everything I talked about and more.

There you can learn all about Digital Resource, watch some videos, and read some blogs! You can even request a free internet marketing analysis!

What are the best way for someone to get started with Digital Resource to see if your services are a fit?
DIGITAL RESOURCE: The best way to get started is to call our office in West Palm Beach in Florida, USA at 1-561-429-2585 or going to the contact us page on our website!


The post Modern Internet Marketing Strategies and Video, Digital Resource appeared first on Reel Marketer.

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Top Hacks for Becoming a Project Management Master: Nathan Ellering on Marketing Smarts [Podcast]

Tips, tricks, and hacks for managing marketing projects from Nathan Ellering, the demand-generation lead at marketing calendar company CoSchedule and an instructor for the Marketing Project Management Essentials course from MarketingProfs. Read the full article at MarketingProfs

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