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State of Online Video Q2 2017: The Latest Trends [Free Webinar]

State of Online Video Q2 2017: The Latest Trends [Free Webinar]Get the latest trends and insights in online video. Our quarterly report will recap the actionable metrics that mattered in online video for Q2 2017 and provide an analysis and outlook for the coming quarter.

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Video Marketing Nuggets in Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends Report

Video Marketing Nuggets in Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends ReportMary Meeker's 2017 Internet Trends report has been released, and we look at the stats and insights around online video.

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What Digital Video Trends Will Power #NewFronts 2017?

What Digital Video Trends Will Power #NewFronts 2017?Digital Content NewFronts 2017 starts today, where 36 major publishers will present their plans for the coming year. The key to successfully predicting the likely news announcements is to understand the latest trends in the digital video marketing business.

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AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data: Why Video Publishers Need to Keep Up With The Latest Trends

AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data: Why Video Publishers Need to Keep Up With The Latest TrendsArtificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data are transforming the online video and internet marketing industries. Video publishers need to keep on top of the latest trends if they want to keep ahead of the game.

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State of Online Video Q1 2017: The Latest Trends [Free Webinar]

State of Online Video Q1 2017: The Latest Trends [Free Webinar]Choosing the right strategy for your video marketing campaigns is more critical than ever. But what are the key trends to follow? Join Tubular for our free webinar that promises to bring you right up to date with the latest trends and insights affecting online video in the first quarter of 2017

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Top 4 Promo Video Trends To Follow in 2017

Promo videos are steadily becoming a standard part of marketers online growth strategy. As the trend to broaden exposure to multiple marketing channels increases, the need for video marketing grows just as quickly.

In 2017, online content marketing is booming like never before. Organizations of all sizes are becoming more Internet savvy and online articles, whitepapers, ebooks, info graphics and of course, videos are being created at a steadily faster rate. Because visual content is the most engaging, images, GIFs and videos continue to be the most popular content. Content is easily shared as links via e-mail, twitter, Facebook and even person-to-person through text messaging, the most personal method of sharing.

Video is expected to become even more popular as this year progresses. It has been shown through research and surveys that content marketing with specifically promotional video will be responsible for the highest share of traffic by 2019! On an average, forecasts predict mobile users spend at least 40 minutes daily watching – and sharing and engaging with – videos. So it won’t just be 2017; the popularity of promo videos trend will continue, and grow at even a faster rate as time progresses.

Now is the time to get started; here are four easy promo video trends to familiarize yourself with this year

1. Branded Promo Video Content

People today are now more inclined towards watching videos than reading online. As mobile Internet use grows, video is easier to watch than reading text on a small screen – just press play! Viewers can sit back and let the video do all the talking. All brands that aspire to better connect with their customers must be aware of this trend to video content.

Marketing departments can respond accordingly by releasing engaging, informative promo videos that answer viewer’s questions while building brand awareness. A promotional video is not an advertisement, but having the support of a brand without being overbearing is perfectly okay. If the information’s quality is good, and the production value is good, a viewer will likely be inclined to like, bookmark or share the video content with their friends and colleagues. Bite-sized videos, with time lengths of thirty seconds to no more than a minute and a half, are excellent for this purpose.

Examples of branded promotional videos can range from featuring their employees and offering quick tips to their buyers to interviewing any industry influencer with promotional voice over some video content. And, the best thing is that there are numerous platforms available for free to share these videos. YouTube and Facebook are the most ideal, and LinkedIn and Twitter have their wide popularities to draw upon too.

The easiest way for an organization to begin creating promo videos is to consider repurposing your existing written-article content into the video medium. Taking already your most-popular articles and reworking the messages for the video format will allow you to take maximum benefits from the video marketing trend while pleasing an expanding audience.

2. Promo Videos Embedded throughout the Website

As it is said images speak far better than the written word, it is proven in the case of video marketing too. A video embedded on a sales or informational page will notably amplify conversion rates in online business. Commerce websites can better inform a prospect, gain trust, build brand and reduce opposition by creating relevant promotional video content. Moreover, this can prove to be more beneficial in case of a services company as products can still be featured through images and text content.

Posting promotional videos on social platforms and linking to homepage is one of the most efficient ways to drive traffic to your website. Unlike other forms of content, videos are more engaging therefore these are more effective. If you feature a promo video on your main page or about us page, visitors tend to stay longer on your website and this may turn them to potential customers as well.

Using a promotional video content on your website to introduce your brand to the audience is a remarkable way to build relationship and trust with the customers. To start exploring promo video by using a creative brief template will help you discover the goals and needs your audience has in a video. As promo videos gain more and more popularity, you can grab this opportunity to have promo videos posted on homepages as well along with sales and landing pages.

3. Live Streaming Promo Style Videos

Sharing of live videos has become notably popular in the current years via Facebook Live and Periscope. These platforms allow the users to share real-time videos. Businesses are embracing these new mediums by being creative and utilizing these platforms for promoting products, featuring demonstrations. Also, while not a promotional video per se, video can be used for question and answer sessions too. If none of these, you can also let the audience simply know about your brand by viewing these videos.

Periscope is one of the free video sharing platforms with comparatively fewer users when compared to say Twitter, but still, it has the capacity to promote your following more quickly. Periscope is said to feature 350,000 hours of videos daily and is widely popular amongst top 15% of the brands. Above all of course is YouTube. which has its huge user base and SEO tie-in with Google, and is a must-have to be used to feature your promo videos.

Facebook Live is gaining popularity with users now as well. This platform lets an organization speak to it’s users by perhaps offering a special “behind the stage” glimpse of your company. Using an iPhone on a tripod for video can suffice as these cameras record 4K video. Reports say that Facebook users spend three times more time watching videos on Facebook Live than on any other videos that are simply shared to the site. This simply means that there is more scope that can be explored and executed into your marketing plan.

4. Email Campaign with Promo Video Series

The last big concept for promotional video use is with a tie-in to an email marketing strategy. Video is more effective and quick to communicate your ideas and concepts than written text. Embedding promo videos in e-mail marketing is proving to be an added advantage. Surveys have shown that businesses or marketers who have utilized this feature have enjoyed an upsurge in their e-mail open rates as well as pay per click rates. Also, there has been a greater count of shares and engagement once the video is being watched.

Strategies like using the term ‘video' in the subject lines of e-mails have confirmed it to be helpful. The types of video contents that tend to perform the best include videos on training and product demonstrations.

Get Stared with Your Promo Video Campaign

To make sure that using video content in your marketing is successful, focus on creating quality promotional videos that are brief in length, have a clear call to action and are persuasive. Brevity and a key message is paramount. As a final takeaway, to reach a greater audience, ensure that you are hosting your videos on YouTube as well for SEO. Take hold of the opportunity and boost your organization by embracing this year’s promotional video trends!

Steven Randall is a blogger and a content manager. He is also a fan of movies, music and writing. Steven finds inspiration in reading and traveling, and is happy to answer any questions you may have.

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The Top Trends and Insights for Video Marketing in 2017

The Top Trends and Insights for Video Marketing in 2017In the ever-changing world of online video, we take an in-depth look at the top trends and insights for video marketing in 2017.

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The Top Trends and Insights for Video Marketing in 2017

The Top Trends and Insights for Video Marketing in 2017In the ever-changing world of online video, we take an in-depth look at the top trends and insights for video marketing in 2017.

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Facebook Video: Trends, Insights & Best Practices [FREE Webinar]

Facebook Video: Trends, Insights & Best Practices [FREE Webinar]Join Tubular for our free online video webinar that promises to bring you right up to date with the latest insights, trends, and best practice for Facebook video.

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The Top Video Content Trends for 2016

Our favorite stock imagery site has come through for us again. Featuring over a staggering 70 million examples of royalty free 4K video clips as well as large still images and illustrations, Shutterstock has brought us telling infographic about creative media trends for in 2016.

As you scroll down through, keep in mind that the search results are real, by real people. The data displayed accurately projects real trends as they’re occurring.

2016 Video Trends

Shutterstock’s customers are people like you; marketers, designers, art directors, filmmakers, advertisers, bloggers, media organizations and businesses. As such, the imagery and video clips these professionals seek are a reflection of current trends and trends to come in the advertising, film, and media industries.

Using actual data assembled from real user searches this list uses entirely tangible information for markers in creative or design. Thanks to Robyn Lange for assembling this report, and Flo Lau for the infographic itself.

Video Trends for 2016

2016 Video Trends

The classical elements of fire, water, air and earth emerged as the biggest video trends for 2016. Nature – immerse yourself in the power of great outdoors.

Social Trends for 2016

2016 Social Trends

Images worth sharing. These aspects can be found in both stills and video.

Design Trends for 2016

2016 Design Trends

Mix the old with the new in 2016. Material Design (a user interface designed by Google) brings a sensory feel to digital design. The UX style quickly been adopted by creatives around the world.

Contemporary trends for 2016

2016 Cultural Trends

An interesting development for 2016 – two complimentary trends have appeared, the option to disconnect and go wireless, and the desire to jack-in. Think wireless smart-watches, smart-cars, smart-homes as well as wireless charging. We’ve broken it down to the two categories below, ‘Always Connected’ and ‘Unplugged’:

  • Unplugged:
    • Wanderlust +197%
    • Wellness +169%
    • Mindfulness +109%
    • Fitness +106%
    • Adult Coloring Books +48%


As we are specifically about video and marketing at Reel Marketer, we’ve only used the relevant portions of the infographic above. If you wish to see even more, visit to view the full interactive report, or click here to explore curated collections based on some of the creative world’s top trends.

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