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animation revision process

The Revisions Process:

How it works, how it impacts your production and what you will be charged for:

Our fees are fully inclusive however scene revisions that extend beyond second revision rounds are chargeable @ $120 per scene per round of revisions with no exceptions.

Fees for scene changes or replacement are charged @ $200 per scene after approved script.

Fees for script changes and script changes that require VO Re-reads after approval are also chargeable @ $150 per 60sec script and $200 per VO Re-read per 60 sec script upwards.

The animation process is a very complex and time consuming procedure,we therefore advise that you check all your scripts very carefully before approving as it could become a costly enterprise.

Revision costs include:

- Admin Fee

- Re-concept

- Redrawing

- Approval

- Matching old scenes to new

- Re- Animation

- VO Re-Reads

- Script Updates

Non Chargeable Fees Include:

- Grammatical Errors

- Syncing Issues

- Audio Issues

- Animations not related to approved script.